Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Latest News and Fun

It's been a busy couple of months for us here, with the weather getting nicer, the rain stopping and people wanting to get the heck out of the city and do stuff! We've had several tours to Davit Garedji, around Dedoplitskaro and Tsinendali. Most of them have been fantastic and the only spoiler has been Tsinendali because of rain. Our excursion to the Ninoskhevi waterfall near Lagodekhi was loads of fun and resulted in some swinging from vines like Tarzan, a couple of great blisters and the inability to walk right for a couple days. Also our trip to Vashlovani National Park was quite interesting, beautiful landscapes and our car getting seriously broken down and trying to limp it back to Signagi. Luckily, we got it back and had her fixed up and she's driving better then ever now! Our dear friend Shad is here visiting for several weeks and is building us a giant grill which should be ready in plenty of time for our 4th of July party. Also our inaugural World Food Party was a real treat, with Inga and Ana fixing us wonderful Russian food. Pilmeni, Borscht and Olivier salad were mass consumed, as well as a couple liters of vodka and many liters of pivo! Our next one will be announced soon, and other upcoming parties have been decided, such as Lithuanian night on 24th of June and American night on 2-4th of July. Thats all for now, hopefully we'll have more to interest you all in soon!

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