Tuesday, June 1, 2010


We started operations in 2009 in Signagi, Georgia. Since then we have ruthlessly gone after finding wonderful people to come and stay at our Hostel in the idyllic Sighnaghi(სიღნაღი) region of Georgia (საქარტველო). We offer many things here, Bike rentals/tours, Hiking trips to Lagodekhi and Vashlovani national parks, Wine tastings, Drinking in a treehouse, Cooking with fantastic local produce, Woodcrafting, Tours of the rustic villages in the area, Tours of historic medieval hilltop Sighnaghi and many more options around the beautiful walls and towers of Sighnaghi. Our prices are: 25GEL for bunk beds and 30GEL a person for the double bed with private bath. Bike rentals are 10GEL a day. Phone # +995 55 61 66 11 +995 55 73 04 58 E-mail hosteltura@yahoo.com Or have a look at our Facebook page for more info: http://www.facebook.com/Hostel.Tura Andrew Perdue, General Manager

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